Building energy auditing tool


Carbon Descent's BluePrint software has been designed to automate and streamline the energy audit process with significant savings on the assessor's time on data collection, analysis and reporting, against a conventional paper based auditing approach.

Who is it for?

The BluePrint software is relevant for organisations undertaking energy surveys and audits in non-domestic buildings.This includes low carbon assessors, Carbon Trust consultants, facilities managers and energy auditors.

What does it do?

Conventional energy audits are repetitive and time consuming. They consist of:

  • A walk round survey to collect building data on paper
  • Data entry and analysis in a spreadsheet
  • Typing up a advisory report in a word processing package
Using the software on a handheld tablet PC will assist auditors when collecting on-site data about building fabric, energy usage and services. The software can be configured to manage different types of assessment, from the simpler mini-audit where quick wins are identified, to complete surveys analysing the buildings equipment and services.

Using BluePrint, the paper recording stage is eliminated and the assessor can analyse the survey data by using inbuilt calculation models either on-site or back at the office. A reporting facility enables the auditor to make recommendations and tailor these results for the customer, resulting in a fully customised audit report.